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Pro to the question "Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?"

“On Tuesday, Americans in Maryland, Maine and Washington state voted by almost identical four-point margins to extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples; in a fourth state, Minnesota, voters rejected a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, again by about the same margin. With those ballot victories for marriage equality, the first after a 14-year string of defeats in 32 states, it is now reasonable to imagine a day in the not-very-distant future when marriage for gay and lesbian couples across this country will be unexceptional, unencumbered and mostly unremarked upon…

It is especially heartening that the voters themselves, rather than courts and judges, are leading the charge in this latest crusade to expand the country’s stance on civil rights…

If the Supreme Court does enter the fray over gay marriage, it would do well to consider the results of Tuesday’s ballot questions and, more broadly, the clear trajectory of the nation’s shifting ­attitudes.”

“Gay Marriage’s Long March to Equality,”, Nov. 7, 2012


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