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Con to the question "Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?"

“Marriage encourages the sexes to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Even the most successful homosexual relationships, at best, only mimic marriage.

Marriage is the union for the purpose of natural reproduction of the human race. Only a man and a woman can accomplish this. Even childless marriages are a social anchor for children.

It is wrong to create fatherless or motherless families by design. Same-sex marriages have more to do with the desires of adults than the needs of children. Human experience and a vast body of social science research show that children do best in married, mother-father households…

Marriage laws are not discriminatory. Marriage is open to all adults, subject to age and blood relation parameters. As with any acquired status, the applicant must meet minimal requirements, which in terms of marriage, means finding an opposite-sex spouse.

Same-sex couples incorrectly assert that they need marriage to gain certain legal rights, such as the right to visit one another in the hospital, but same-sex couples have had hospital visitation rights by New York State statute since 2004. Anyone, including homosexuals, can use legal instruments such as power of attorney, wills, etc. to share property, designate heirs, dictate hospital visitors and give authority for medical decisions.”

“Redefining the Meaning of Marriage,” (accessed Oct. 13, 2010)


“In April of 1982, a small group of pastors were concerned about religious liberties and moral values in New York State. Responding to this concern, these Empire State pastors founded New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, Ltd. (NYCF).

NYCF is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

NYCF is a statewide, issues-oriented, political lobbying organization committed to voicing the moral and religious perspective to New York state legislators.


  • Monitors legislation
  • Influences the legislative process
  • Proposes positive legislation
  • Opposes negative legislation
  • Publishes voting records
  • Designs candidate questionnaires
  • Provides full-time lobbyists to represent the pro-family, pro-life perspectiveNYCF also ministers to our State Representatives, staff members, and other lobbyists through weekly legislative prayer breakfasts and Bible studies, encouragement, and personal witness.

“Mission,”, Apr. 3, 2009


“This ministry exists to influence legislation and legislators for the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Mission,”, Apr. 3, 2009

501(c)(4) nonprofit
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