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National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) Biography

Con to the question "Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?"

“God designed marriage for humanity. As first described in Genesis and later affirmed by Jesus, marriage is a God-ordained, covenant relationship between a man and a woman. This lifelong, sexually exclusive relationship brings children into the world and thus sustains the stewardship of the earth. Biblical marriage —­­ marked by faithfulness, sacrificial love and joy — displays the relationship between God and his people…

Nothing in the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges opinion changes the truth about marriage. What has changed is the legal definition of marriage, which is now at variance with orthodox biblical faith as it has been affirmed across the centuries and as it is embraced today by nearly two billion Christians in every nation on earth.

In its role as a moral teacher, the law now misleads Americans about the true nature of marriage. Evangelicals and other followers of the Bible have a heightened opportunity to demonstrate the attractiveness of loving Christian marriages and families. Evangelicals should renew their commitment to the sacrificial love and covenantal faithfulness to which Jesus calls all husbands and wives.”

“God Defined Marriage,”, June 26, 2015


“The National Association of Evangelicals has spoken as a united voice for millions of American evangelicals since 1942.

But, the voice of the NAE is clearer, stronger and more broadly heard now than ever before. The association represents more than 45,000 local churches from nearly 40 different denominations and serves a constituency of millions.

We serve to make denominations strong and effective, influence society for justice and righteousness, and gather the many voices of evangelicals together to be more effective for Jesus Christ and his cause.

While the NAE headquarters are in Washington, D.C., our staff and constituency live and work all throughout America.”

“About NAE,” (accessed July 7, 2015)


“The mission of the National Association of Evangelicals is to honor God by connecting and representing evangelical Christians.”

“About NAE,” (accessed July 7, 2015)

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