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Miami Herald Biography

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“Major Milestones

  • 1903: First edition published Sept. 15 as The Miami Evening Record
  • 1910: Renamed The Miami Herald on Dec. 1
  • 1937: Acquired by John S. and James L. Knight
  • 1946: Launched international Clipper edition for Latin America, so named because it was shipped on Pan Am flying “clipper” seaplanes
  • 1951: Won its first of 20 Pulitzer Prizes for reporting on organized crime in Miami
  • 1974: Along with others in the Knight Newspapers group, merged with Ridder Publications to become Knight Ridder
  • 2006: The largest paper acquired and retained by McClatchy Company when it bought Knight Ridder
  • 2013: Headquarters moved to Doral”

“About Our Company,” (accessed June 12, 2015)


“The most credible and dynamic source of news, information and innovative
marketing solutions in our community.”

“About Our Company,” (accessed June 12, 2015)

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