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Pro to the question "Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?"

“Even if California is late to the party, even if the weddings go forward without high court affirmation of the wrongness of Proposition 8, the pending demise of the gay marriage ban is a history-making event for both the state and the nation…

The foes of same-sex marriage might eke out a few more legal objections, but the fate of Proposition 8 appears sealed. And once weddings of gays and lesbians have taken place in large numbers, Californians will see the truth that emerged in the federal trial: These marriages pose no threat to traditional heterosexual marriage or to family life. In fact, they will only strengthen and stabilize families in the state. Some people may never accept that view, but their numbers are dwindling and their arguments are losing. California will soon be rid of Proposition 8, and most of the state’s residents will never miss it.”

“Goodbye and Good Riddance to Prop. 8,”, June 27, 2013


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