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GLINN Media Corporation Biography

? to the question "Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?"

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“GLINN is an acronym for Gay/Lesbian International News Network. In the early days of the internet, GLINN.COM was the biggest gay news site on the Internet. GLINN Media Corporation had 15 web domains, comprising the largest gay presence on the internet (in number of sites and web pages). GLINN offered a vast amount of free content and community services on its websites. Although some sites offered products to consumers and business services, the vast majority offered free resources for the gay/lesbian, bisexual and transgendered

Over the years as gay news became a professional and profit-making business for many, some websites were sold off and as assimulation [sic] got underway, then gaining ground and the gay media died off, other sites were sold or abandoned. Today, GLINN Media is a division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. (the CEO has stayed the same) and operates only dedicated to the LGBT community. Some GLINN content and resources are now available on this site.”

“All About GLINN,” (accessed June 5, 2015)


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