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George W. Bush, MBA Biography

43rd President of the United States
Con to the question "Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?"

“The union of a man and woman is the most enduring human institution, honored and encouraged in all cultures and by every religious faith. Ages of experience have taught humanity that the commitment of a husband and wife to love and to serve one another promotes the welfare of children and the stability of society. Marriage cannot be severed from its cultural, religious and natural roots without weakening the good influence of society.

Government, by recognizing and protecting marriage, serves the interests of all.

Today, I call upon the Congress to promptly pass and to send to the states for ratification an amendment to our Constitution defining and protecting marriage as a union of a man and woman as husband and wife.
The amendment should fully protect marriage, while leaving the state legislatures free to make their own choices in defining legal arrangements other than marriage.

America’s a free society which limits the role of government in the lives of our citizens. This commitment of freedom, however, does not require the redefinition of one of our most basic social institutions.”

“Transcript of Bush Statement,”, Feb. 24, 2004

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • 43rd President of the United States, Jan. 20, 2001 – Jan. 19, 2009
  • 46th Governor of Texas, 1994-2000
  • Co-owner, Texas Rangers baseball franchise, 1989-1998
  • Member, Board of Directors, Harken Energy Corporation, 1986-1993
  • Advisor and Speechwriter for the George H.W. Bush 1988 and 1992 presidential campaigns
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Spectrum 7 Energy Corp., 1984-1986
  • Founder, Arbusto Energy, 1978
  • F-102 fighter pilot, Texas Air National Guard, 1968-1973
  • MBA, Harvard Business School, 1975
  • BA, Yale University, 1968
  • Born in New Haven, CT on July 6, 1946
  • The George W. Bush Presidential Library is temporarily located in Lewisville, TX. The library is scheduled to reopen on the Southern Methodist University campus in Dallas, TX in 2013
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