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Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) Biography

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“CBS Corporation (NYSE: CBS.A and CBS) is a mass media company with constituent parts that reach back to the beginnings of the broadcast industry, as well as newer businesses that operate on the leading edge of the media industry. The Company, through its many and varied operations, combines broad reach with well-positioned local businesses, all of which provide it with an extensive distribution network by which it serves audiences and advertisers in all 50 states and key international markets. It has operations in virtually every field of media and entertainment, including broadcast television (CBS and The CW – a joint venture between CBS Corporation and Warner Bros. Entertainment), cable television (Showtime and CBS College Sports Network), local television (CBS Television Stations), television production and syndication (CBS Paramount Network Television and CBS Television Distribution), radio (CBS Radio), advertising on out-of-home media (CBS Outdoor), publishing (Simon & Schuster), interactive media (CBS Interactive), music (CBS Records), licensing and merchandising (CBS Consumer Products), video/DVD (CBS Home Entertainment), in-store media (CBS Outernet) and motion pictures (CBS Films).”

“Overview,” CBS website (accessed Nov. 17, 2008)


“CBS is committed to building and nurturing an environment that values diversity throughout the entire company, as well as the entertainment industry at large.

Recognizing the power and influence the company carries through its nationwide reach of network programming and local television stations, CBS has been on the forefront of making diversity a reality through a wide array of initiatives targeted to writers, directors and actors including mentoring, workshops and talent showcases. Additionally, an extensive array of news apprenticeships has been designed to bring more minorities into the journalistic process. Also, a program of internships has been created in order to provide opportunities and exposure to many areas of the corporation.

Internally, CBS continues in its efforts to create a workplace that is representative of the American public.

In realizing this important goal, CBS has forged important partnerships with many organizations throughout the industry. Diversity is best achieved through a collaborative spirit.”

“Mission Statement,” CBS website (accessed Nov. 17, 2008)

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