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Byron Williams, MA Biography

Pastor of the Resurrection Community Church
Pro to the question "Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?"

“The other illogical pro Prop.8 argument is that same-gender marriage threatens traditional, biblically based marriage. This may be the greatest red herring that is readily assumed as normative.

There is no such thing as traditional, biblically based marriage – at least in the Western hemisphere. I know of no heterosexual couple living in the United States that has a marriage that is remotely similar to what is found within the Bible. Biblical marriage viewed women as property; based almost exclusively on procreation.

Thus, those who wish to oppose same-gender marriage on a biblical basis must do so by advocating for their private view of morality as the best way for society, using a stagnant definition of marriage that never existed in a world that is constantly evolving…

If Prop.8 passes, which means same-gender marriage is defeated, no one benefits. All this initiative would do is deny certain couples the right to marry for no other reason than their perceived failure to fit into the dominant paradigm as defined by the dominant culture.

Prop.8 is illogical because it is narrowly defined as being about marriage, but ultimately it is about equal rights — a concept that all Californians should endorse. And we should stand in staunch opposition when there is an initiative on the ballot, like Prop.8, that seeks to take away one of our most fundamental privileges.”

“Prop. 8 – Irrational, Incongruous, and Illogical,”, Oct. 17, 2008

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Pastor, Resurrection Community Church, 2002-present
  • Columinist, Oakland Tribune, 2010-present
  • Nominee, Columnist of the Year, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), 2010
  • Keynote Speaker, African American Graduation Ceremony, University of California, 2006
  • Recipient, 30 Most Influential African Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area, CityFlight, 2005
  • MA, Theology of Liberation, Pacific School of Religion of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley
  • BA, Political Science, school unknown
  • Speaks French