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? to the question "Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?"

“It would be welcome news to gay and lesbian families across the country if the high court resolves the question of same-sex marriage as a matter of constitutional law. Although the ultimate outcome of a Supreme Court ruling is far from certain, hopefully justices will be unwilling to undo a fundamental right that has now been recognized in a majority of states. It is time that equal marriage be applied uniformly throughout the nation.”

“Editorial: Supreme Court Should Make Gay Marriage a National Right,”, Nov. 8, 2014


“The Boston Globe was started in 1872 by six Boston businessmen, led by Eben Jordan (founder of the retail store Jordan Marsh – now Macy’s), who jointly invested $150,000. The first issue was published March 4, 1872 and cost four cents…

Over the years the Globe has evolved from a newspaper into a multi-media source of news and information. was launched in 1995 and is now is one of the country’s strongest regional websites.”

“Boston Globe – History,”, Jan. 26, 2015


“Our Vision
We seek to inform, to explore, to entertain, to contribute creatively to the commonwealth. To grow and prosper. To extend our franchise in the written word. To capture new growth in Greater Boston and beyond, while still serving our core. To excel in all ways that this region can excel.

Our Purpose
To be the indispensable source of trusted relevant and authoritative news and information for all our readers, thereby helping them meet the challenges in their lives.
To set a thoughtful agenda of issues that require attention in the communities we serve.
To provide a lively forum for a variety of viewpoints.
To build and sustain a readership that is large enough to respond powerfully en masse and yet targeted enough to support geographic and subject interests.
To create a vibrant marketplace for our advertisers, providing them with the most effective means of reaching consumers.”

“Mission Statement,” Boston Globe services website (accessed June 22, 2015)

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